Zurich, Switzerland

Day two in Switzerland was dedicated to Zurich. Right off the bat, let me just say how much I loved Zurich. It was quiet. It was efficient. It was filled with a lot of cultural distinction. I think what really made me fall in love with the city was a combination of things: it was considerably more sunny than any other time on my trip. We covered more grounds - we've been to the touristy area, the busy city centre and the residential neighbourhoods. 


I could tell we were entering the German-speaking part of the country, when we took the train north and passed through the capital city (Biel/Bienne, in German/French). Beyond that, the signs out at the train stations were in German. When we got off, we got to the HB Station, an attraction of its own filled with shops, cafes and a festive christmas market. We boarded a tram and headed to the Museum of Design. 

Museum Fur Gestaltung- Schaudepot is a design-based museum temporarily situated in Toni-Areal. This was on the top of my must-see attractions. The museum was filled with projects from established traditional and digital artists as well as design students. Exhibitions and displays range from tangible objects like sculptures, multimedia presentations, to the intangible like virtual reality installations and computer simulations. 

We travelled with a Swiss day pass. What that entailed was that we were able to hop on most public transportations without having to to worry about paying for each fare.  The perks of having a pass include free access to a lot of the museums. The museum für gestaltung was included in the free admission but we weren't allowed to bring cameras in. Although I did see people take pictures inside freely so half way through my visit, I started taking pictures with my phone.  

Mike WongComment